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Certificate Program

The Centre for Advanced Computing issues certificates for users as well as the community at large who wish to acquire knowledge about HPC and its related applications. Completing a certificate will allow you to develop a deeper expertise in this subject matter.

This certificate program allows us to ensure that our computing systems stay useful and relevant to the large community of researchers whom we serve.

There are two certification levels, each requiring a number of day workshops to qualify for each level as follows:

  • Level 1: Requires at least two different workshops of 3 days total. (Example: Attending a MPI workshop and an Open MP workshop will qualify for a Level 1 certificate).
  • Level 2: Builds on a completed Level 1 certificate and requires an additional different workshop of at least 1 day length (Example: Having obtained your Level 1 certificate with an MPI workshop and an Open MP workshop, take a Posix Threads workshop to quality for a Level 2 certificate).

Our workshops run at least twice annually and may include a variety of topics. Please check for announcements. A Level 1 or Level 2 certificate will be granted and sent to you by mail, signed by our Executive Director, after the workshop based on completing the requirements above.

We are willing to build an appropriate workshop/certificate program tailored to an enterprise’s needs for a cost. The workshop(s) can be run on site.

If you are uncertain as how to qualify for a level, or have any questions in general about the workshop certificate programs, please don't hesitate to send email to