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The table below contains Development Tools such as editors, compilers, debuggers, etc., as well as other tools such as visualization software. In many cases there is no need to do a separate set-up for this software, as it is usually installed in systems directories. If a set-up is required, it is usually done with the usepackage facility, i.e. through the use command.

Type Name Description Setup Information
Editors emacs Powerful editing written originally by Richard Stallman and is common to most Unix systems. n/a Info
nedit Multi-purpose text editor for Xwindow, easy to use, graphical user interface. n/a Info
nano Text editor for Unix and Unix-based computer systems. Very simple. n/a Info
vi Default Unix editor, no GUI, works everywhere but has a learning curve. n/a Info
Compilers ifort Intel Fortran Compiler use ics Info
icc Intel C compiler
gfortran Gnu Fortran Compiler n/a Info
gcc Gnu C compiler
Interpreters python Simple and powerful programming/scripting language n/a Info
R Statistical programming language n/a Info
Debuggers/Profilers gdb Gnu command line debugger n/a Info
gprof Gnu text-based profiler Info
hwt "HPCVL Working Template" Tool for parallel programming use hwt Info
Visualization gnuplot Gnu plotting tool n/a Info
paraview Powerful visualization software including batch mode use paraview Info