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Workup Facilities

Frontenac Workup Nodes

  • caclogin02 - caclogin04

These are the login nodes for the Frontenac Cluster. These may be used as workup nodes to test your jobs and to do limited pre- and post processing.

Please keep jobs to the minimum size and duration as they are shared resources which are susceptible to overuse. Application software runs that are considered unsuitable for the login nodes will be terminated without notice.

The login nodes are also subject to periodic reboots, usually conducted on Monday. If you need to use a login node for an extended period of time (> 1day) please contact us and let us know.

You can connect via SSH

  e.g. ssh username@login.cac.queensu.ca

or if you need to export the display

  e.g. ssh -X username@login.cac.queensu.ca