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Note: The Centre for Advanced Computing is substantially increasing its storage capacity. This expansion also involves a re-organization of our file systems, networking, and hardware support structure. This page is therefore subject to change. For info on the Filesystem, see Our Filesystem

Disk Storage

Elastic Storage System GL6
Elastic Storage System GL6

Kingston: Main Facility

  • Elastic Storage Server GL6
  • High-capacity PedaScale storage
  • 4U 60 drive storage enclosures
  • Power S822L - 20 Cores
  • 348 X 8TB 2.2K HDD
  • 2.0 PB raw capacity

Kingston: Main Facility

  • 2 PB of Oracle Storage 7400 Unified Storage System
  • 500 TB Dedicated/Special Storage
  • Dual 10 Gig Fibre

Tape Storage

Oracle TS4500 System Storage
TS4500 System Storage

Kingston: Main Facility

Kingston: Off Site